Check-up and specialized assessments

The right response that preserves your health

To preserve your future quality of life, our check-ups and specialized consultations:

  • Detect diseases at an early stage
  • Identify risk factors
  • Take stock of lifestyle habits
  • Manage age-related changes and diseases
  • Implement a personalized preventive health plan.

La Cure Nescens

A medical excess weight reduction program

Proposed by Nescens Sydney in Luxe Cosmetic Clinic, La Cure Nescens is a medical program targeting the following objectives:

  • Treat diseases related to excess weight and metabolic disorders
  • Initiate durable weight loss

It is the only program that includes such a comprehensive medical check-up while providing long-term coaching for lasting results.

Better-Aging Program

A personalized coaching under medical supervision

Understanding the impact of your lifestyle and correcting certain imbalances is essential in preserving your future health.

In addition to its assessments and check-ups, the Nescens medical team has developed its spa programs targeting certain lifestyle-related issues (weight loss, fitness, detox, sleep disorders and stress).

These programs take place at the Nescens health spas.

Nescens Bioindividual Detox

Toxin elimination program, medically assisted

Proposed by Nescens Sydney in Luxe Cosmetic Clinic, Nescens Bioindividual Detox is a medical program with the following objectives:

  • Eliminate toxins of environmental, food or drug origin
  • Strengthening natural defenses
  • Stimulate physiological elimination mechanisms

This program is customized according to the results obtained during preliminary in-depth analyses and examinations.

Nescens Stem Cells

Discover the power of your own Stem Cells...

Use your stem cells today to take immediate action against the visible signs of aging, or store them and use them tomorrow for “advanced stem cell therapies in humans as Advanced Therapies Medicinal Products” once the therapies have been approved by regulatory agencies.