Zombie Cell Clearing Serum-Face


Nescens has created the first serum designed to clear pro-aging “zombie cells”.
For the first time, Nescens’ research team has used anti-aging molecules called “senolytics” in its cosmeceuticals.
Senolytics have already been medically proven to be effective. Senolytic agents contribute to clearing senescent cells
without harming healthy cells. A large number of studies have shown that targeted removal of senescent cells can
contribute to the regeneration and rejuvenation of tissue.

Cosmeceutical benefits
Clinical trial* results
After just four weeks, the serum showed statistically significant results in the following areas:
Reduced redness: – 31%
> The reduction of redness shows that the serum alleviates the inflammation process, which is known to speedup aging.
Increased elasticity: + 12%
Increased skin density: + 6.6%
> The increase in the skin’s density and elasticity is evidence that the serum boosts collagen production, rejuvenating
the skin from the inside.
*In vivo test – four weeks – 31 volunteers, aged 40 to 70.

Instructions for use
Nescens Anti-aging facial Nescens
As part of the Nescens cosmeceutical skincare program, apply the zombie cell clearing serum morning and night
to reduce the number of senescent cells and help rejuvenate skin tissue.
Proceed with the application of day or night correcting care products.
1. Nescens priming care
Step 1 : Wash the face and neck with the cleansing gel. Dry thoroughly.
Step 2: Spray metabolic activator tonic onto hands and apply to perfectly cleansed and dried face and neck.
Massage lightly into skin to optimize the penetration of the product.
2. Nescens serum
Once the metabolic activator tonic has been successfully absorbed proceed with the application of the zombie
cell clearing serum.
3. Nescens correcting care
Then apply the Nescens correcting face and eye care treatments.





Zombie Cell Clearing Serum

Zombie Cell Clearing Serum-Face